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Nascentes morimur

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Anthropocene Blues Poem

by Anne Waldman

sound de-territorializes
and my love clings to you
sings to you
in the "new weathers"
within a tragedy
of the Anthropocene

held hostage
by the hand
of Man

can we resist?
will we fail?
to save our world?

we dream replicas of ourselves
fragile, broken
robotic thought-bubbles

inside the shadow
a looming possibility
this new year
to wake up

could it be?

an anthropoid scared
from the forest
slow in development
now infantilized
much like us

stressed yet
ready to resist
this scenario?

the forest made the monkey
& the cave & steppe: the human
and now
what makes us suppler
more human?

climate grief?
a fierce tenderness toward
the destruction of our world?

or actions?

[my love for you
sings for you, world
I've got those Anthropocene….


anne waldman and ed-bowes


Nascentes morimur

Πολύ δραστήριο μέλος

Η Nascentes morimur αυτή τη στιγμή δεν είναι συνδεδεμένη. Έχει γράψει 1,380 μηνύματα.
Streets of the World

All writing decides a galaxy all writing resounds planispheric

history. Star stars or stars stars astound. Not be victim to satisfy

All writing is in fact cut-ups history will decide Rimbaud

your heat of the world. To rise up outcry inside supply side. Get

crackling of an earpiece oligarchies of the world, slice woes of


A long delineation.
Longer than world be counting.

This a whisper, enough of whisper to rise up rise up and wiser, wisdom

feminine, streets of the world. Commission overheard a spin a

terrain a soldiering on. She wanted to soldier outta here. What

streets of the world to spin rubric's yes yes commerce, no, a no,

no. Tanks of the blown-off world. Earth and rising, beauties of the

world. Beautiful cyborg offshore a caw caw of major spills and

elsewhere no, no, invite the Amazons in. Cut the dialect the binary

the dear word so precious and forbidden, dear futurist. Dear stone.

They use the machines to take the streets out of "the out of" streets

of the world. Horizon headwater cut cut the cable my beignets my

appetite "poor politics, poor pols." Reconstitute polis ban exclusion

of women, O women of the world. Metonymic of entire edifice.

Waters of the corpse world in media cut lines manipulate desire

and show the word don't detonate anyway. "She" assassin Hassan i

Sabbah production in Classic Maya. Textile's Hesiod: they descend

from Pandora. Rex Tillerson a hex tiller's son, tilling the field a

cultivation of one. Angora, of shreds, a mythically shredded world.

bleats the world. Tools in the lab make women open tomb & allies

slither out. Where voices tremble trouble sleep, there's weeping of

the world. He won't accompany poetry when I use the word "resist."

Test a roan. Is where Rimbaud was going with order could live

could systematic derangement of the casino scene, cut cut in with a

drone lullaby hallucination: seeing and places that street fights the

world. And Merkel our nuclear future to fight "poor politics, poor

pols." Our man in rendition cage and cut cut the torture O Iran

streets of the world arise to cut back forms else mammals suffer.

Show tablets a Paleolithic grab all streets the world. Iwilight fields

of discontent all streets that shadow governments rise up to reason

the world. Wounded galaxies feminine discontent insists. "Hear

you, people of the word." What room the ghostlier golden light we

reach to. Lines and demarcations. Assume worst has happened

deporting undesirables, his French side gypsy purge. Subject to

strategy poor poor pols. Its link its drill its despots, murderers in

the lunch. Jade rabbit pounding herbs for immortals. Rides alien

virus moon. Magnetize worlds let them course light in unsettle

streets of Dreamers, let them go free from cruelty. Mint them out

of here. My William my Burroughs, when in feminine you scold

past test me. Burrow in. A guy's in. Goddamn interior ministry of

fisheries and assume the worst in writing EPA cuts her exterior of

life the glib industry. Selves behind tyrants shelf desire. My loaves

and fishes in deep deep water. Foxes' henhouse in hurt and ready.

Hexes in the rock house. Bleak and white. Streets of the biblio-tech

world. Axis of sky. Come down mounds my no, my hacking Russia.

Is at some point classical prose, my no, Bulgaria no Romania my

Haiti my Egypt, and Poland and come to this coastline America.

Ruptured pipelines to caw caw gulf stream is seated cut cut to other

fields ripple effect and your domino will fall. Aurignacian, achtung

will fall. Geronimo a domino falls. 1 % down. Bomb all fall down,

dimensions your strategy. Will history decide "caw caw caw. 11 Will

Iraq? Will Yemen? Core for Rhea. How many Tarots disdq524ies

sou-nd to kinesthetic gulf of arcana everyone. She wanted to soldier

a China gulf to anyone. She wants to soldier out of long delineation

stars longer than would be counting. Star stars or stars stars. Cut

through leak of revolution the occupied future will come out. A page

of written words no advantage to leak from nuclear gender. Let the

mice in. Circumpolar water denizens unruly genes. Then cut cut the

variation images shift to pool sense advantage in processing sound

sight cut cut sound to "arise." Of memories stars have been made by

accidents. See how calm politics will become. Sperm count down.

Non white wonder world. The "walking marriage" of the matrilinear

Mosuo, push a boundary. Pry open pray open let the women out.

China, woman up! Take all, mandarin widows. Oral consciousness of


by Anne Waldman



Διάσημο μέλος

Ο Νίκος αυτή τη στιγμή δεν είναι συνδεδεμένος. Επαγγέλεται Προγραμματιστής/τρια και μας γράφει απο Αθήνα (Αττική). Έχει γράψει 3,435 μηνύματα.
του Harold Norse


(…) Περπατώντας μέσα σε πυρπολημένα καντούνια
πνιγμένα στις μπουγάδες
κίτρινα φλασκιά στα παραθύρια
απομεινάρια του πολέμου να γκρεμίζονται
ξεπεσμός ανθρώπινος
τόσο βαθύς και απελπιστικός να πνίγεσαι στα γέλια

όταν ξάφνου είδα σε στουπιά γρασωμένα ανάμεσα και λάδια,
ρόδες και άξονες ενός γκαράζ
τα γυμνά γλυπτά, μορφές
μιας κλασικής ζωφόρου
εκεί δα, πάνω απ’ τα λυμένα
μέρη αυτοκινήτων!

Τέλεια! και τι παράδοξο! Γκαράζ
καταπίνει Σαρκοφάγο!
Ένας τεχνίτης ήρεμα ψεκάζει χρώμα
ένα φτερό, ενώ
Λάπιθοι και Κένταυροι σκύβουν και τον παρατηρούν!

άλογη σάρκα!
καλόσχημοι μηροί! μάτια
της Αφροδίτης!

Ο μύθος της Μεσόγειος
μέσα σε τούτο το γκαράζ
όπου λιγνά αγόρια μελαψά
δεν βλέπουν τίποτα παράδοξο
δουλεύοντας ανάμεσα
σε θεούς και πεθαμένους ήρωες!

Αλλά εγώ είδα τον Ερμή μες στο ουράνιο τόξο
του σκοτεινού λαδιού πάνω στο πάτωμα
εκεί καθρεφτισμένον
και τ’ άγρια μαλλιά της Σίβυλλας
καθώς τα λόγια της τρελά και πνιγμένα
χανόντουσαν κατ’ απ’ το μούγκρισμα του κινητήρα.


O Norse στην Κρήτη το 1964 και δεξιά το αγόρι του εκείνης της φάσης, ονόματι Θάνος. Ο ένας τράβηξε την φωτογραφία του άλλου.


Nascentes morimur

Πολύ δραστήριο μέλος

Η Nascentes morimur αυτή τη στιγμή δεν είναι συνδεδεμένη. Έχει γράψει 1,380 μηνύματα.

Collected Poems of Lenore Kandel - Lenore Kandel

:velos: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenore_Kandel

* The Female Beat Poet Who Wrote About Sex and Love


Kandel was a poet and activist in her own right, one of the only women affiliated with the Beat movement, who wrote about the transcendental nature of love and sex. Her most notorious work, The Love Book, was a small pamphlet of poems, including To Fuck With Love, which contains such lines as: “I kiss your shoulder and it reeks of lust / the lust of erotic angels fucking the stars,” and,............

:velos: https://www.anothermag.com/fashion-beauty/10693/the-female-beat-poet-who-wrote-about-sex-and-love


“When a society becomes afraid of its poets, it is afraid of itself. A society afraid of itself stands as another definition of hell,” said Kandel, of her censorship battle. “A poem that is written and published becomes available to those who choose to read it.”


:velos: https://www.anothermag.com/fashion-beauty/10693/the-female-beat-poet-who-wrote-about-sex-and-love


Lenore Kandel's Collected Poems starts with her absolutely incendiary The Love Book which was published in 1966. Most of us don't think of Kandel when we think of the Beats but no one was braver, more daring or more honest than Lenore Kandel. When you think of contemporary poetry in the United States you better start believing that Kandel was plowing the road for the future.

The Love Book was banned as obscene but when read today it is transcendentally illuminating and still stunningly vibrant for its' joyous candor, optimism and freedom

nipple to nipple we touched
and were transfixed
by a flow of energy
beyond anything I have ever known

we touched

and two days later.......

my whole body is ......

:velos: https://michaeldennispoet.blogspot.com/2014/01/collected-poems-of-lenore-kandel-lenore.html

In 1967 Kandel published Word Alchemy which contained the longer poem First They Slaughtered The Angels. It is a beautiful song of protest. During this same period Kerouac, Ferlinghetti, Ginsberg and Brautigan were all cutting their teeth and breaking new ground, San Francisco was the center of the poetry universe and Kandel was blistering the ears off everyone in town.


https://books.google.gr/books?id=py...with Love Phase II, της Lenore Kandel&f=false

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